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1. Terms of Service
A. When you are using this website, it means that you have read, understand and agree to terms of services. If your behavior violates our terms of service, we reserve the rights to suspend or terminate your membership.
B. We reserve the right to modify terms of service at any time without any notice. Once the terms of service is modified, we will post modified content on our webpage. We suggest that you constantly check our website for any changes to our terms of service. If you continue to use our services after any changes to terms of service, it means that you have read, understand, and agreed to the new terms of service.
C. If you do not agree to any part of the terms of service or any future modifications, or if your country excludes any or all of our terms of services, please stop using our website and service.
2. User Obligations
You promise to not use our service for any illegal activities and follow Taiwanese and international internet laws. You also promise to not use our website for any activities that will violate other people's rights and follow the rules below, including but not limited to:
A. No identity theft to use the site's service
B. Can not use programs to automatically use website files for spam.
C. Can not use programs to interrupt our service operation or spread computer viruses through the site
D. Any other behaviors we are justified to view as inappropriate
3. Your Registration Obligations
To use our service, you agree to the following:
A. Provide real, accurate, most recent, and complete personal information (refer to as registration information hereafter)
B. Update registration information as often as possible and ensure its authenticity, accuracy, and completeness
C. If you provide any false, outdated, incomplete, or misleading information, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse use for all or part of our services in the present and future.
4. Your Registration Obligations
After completion of site registration, you will receive a set of account and password. It is your duty to keep them in a secure place and you are responsible for all activities done under this account. You also agree to the following:
A. You will contact our customer service immediately in the case of identity theft or any other account security issues
B. Every disconnection ends your account privileges
5. Disclaimer
A. Regarding any content, information, or advertisements in relation to our website, we do not claim or guarantee its accuracy or reliability. We are not responsible for any product or information that you may have obtained through advertisement present on our website.
B. We are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content you may be exposed to while using our service.
C. You understand that this website does not provide any prior examination of site's content and we do not and can not control member behavior. You must rely on your own judgement while using this service and are solely responsible for all the risks. But this website has the right, but not obligated to remove and reject any content that may be in violation of our terms of service. You understand and agree that under the following circumstance we may need to disclose your account information to law enforcements or agencies:

1. Following the law or government agency request

2. Service Provider

3. Necessary to prevent damage to others' rights

4. To eliminate danger to life, body, freedom, rights, or property of users or public

5. Any other situation deemed necessary by the website

D. You agree that the website and its administrators are not liable for any inconvenience, loss of data, or other damages done to the user caused by suspension or termination of website service.
E. You understand that the website is not liable to any damage caused by any software or information that you downloaded through links present on the website. You should evaluate the link's safety, legality, and accuracy before clicking.
6. Intellectual Property Protection
This website owns the intellectual property, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, or trade secrets, to any program or content used by the website, including but not limited to pictures, files, information, data, website structure, website layout, and website design. It is prohibited to use, modify, re-package, broadcast, disseminate, issue, publish, reverse engineer, or decode any content owned by the website. You will need to obtain the website's consent before use. You are liable for any violation, including but not limited to legal fees.
7. Trademark Information
The trademark of Ailian's website and other products or services (refer to as trade information below) is owned by Ailian. Without Ailian's written content, you may not use Ailian's trademark information for any use.
8. Special warning for internatinal use
You understand Internet's borderlessness, and agree to follow any local laws regarding internet use, especially that of Taiwan or country that you are located in.
9. Service Modification
We have the right to temporarily or permanently change or terminate any service of this website at any time, and you agree that we do not hold any liability whether you were notified or not.
10. Compensation
If you violate the terms of service and affect the right of any third-party that cause the website to be demanded compensation, you are liable for said compensation, including but not limited to legal fees.
11. Termination of Service
A. You agree that this website can terminate the use of your account for any reason and remove any content you may have on this website. We also have the right to terminate any part of our service with or without notification, and you agree that we may immediately close or delete your account and any other related data without notification. In addition, you agree that we are not liable for any termination of service.
B. We may suspend or terminate all of part of your services under the following situations:
  1. Stealing other people's account, personal information, credit card, bank account for transaction 2. Return more than 50% of your orders within six months 3. Does not pick up 50% of orders from convenience store branches within three months 4. Required by law enforcement or government agencies 5. Unexpected system or security issues 6. Illegal activities 7. Does not provide payment for service 8. Terms of service violations We are not liable and do not need your approval to suspend or terminate your service in violation of terms of service.
C. Any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the website.
12. inks
Because we can not control any third-party links and website, we are not liable for you clicking on these links. We also do not guarantee its accuracy or security. We are not directly or indirectly responsible for any damage resulting in use of these third-party links or content.
13. General Clause

1. This terms of service represents an agreement between you and our company, and regulate your behavior. This also replaces any other prior agreements. You should follow this terms of service while using any related or third-party content or software.

2. Interpretation of this terms of service is based on Taiwanese laws

3. Any rights or rules not enforced by this website does not mean that we give up the aforementioned rights or rules

4. Even if part of terms of service is not enforced under Taiwanese laws, other parts should still be enforced.

5. Title of this terms of service is not legally binding since it is set for convenience

14. User Rights
We respect intellectual property and personal rights, we call members to do so as well. If you think that your rights have been violated, please contact law enforcements and we will offer full cooperation in any investigation.
15. Report
Please contact us if you discover any violation of our terms of service