User Privacy Notice
Kobon International Enterprise LTD., Taiwan branch, hereafter called Ailian, follows Taiwan's "Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data" regarding the gathering and usage of consumer and personal data. Ailian has applied necessary protections, but also hereby remind mommy members to not openly disclose personal information, such as personal indentity, password, or email, on the internet as such data might be collected and used unlawfully by others.
The Gathering and usage of Personal Information
  • Before you checkout or participate in other activities, Ailian will ask you to login to complete the transaction and related services.
  • Users will only need to provide email address to subscribe to our newsletter. Users can visit Ailian website in order to cancel subscription.
  • Any personal information obtained from Ailian official website will be only used according to Ailian regulations.
  • Unless otherwise stated or in accordance to Taiwanese laws, Ailian will not provide your personal information to third parties for any other purposes.
  • Ailian automatically records your browse history within Ailian website for traffic analysis in order to provide our users with improved services.
User Information
  • To ensure each member's rights, customers who visit Ailian website for the first time will automatically become members after transaction confirmation.
  • During registration, you may create a set of account and password and use such credential for related membership services.
  • Please keep your account and password in a secure place and do not give them to others. Please remember to log out after use.
  • If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close the browser and clear any browsing history.
Changes in Privacy Protection Policy
  • Ailian reserves the right to change any part of this disclaimer as necessary. Ailian will not notify members individuality besides providing a general notice on the website.
  • Please contact our company if you have any questions regarding our privacy policty.

By agreeing to become Ailian's ( member, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of the TOS that Ailian is not liable under the following circumstances:

1. By using our service, members acknowledge and accept any risks, including, but not limited to loss of personal information from downloading data or images from Ailian's website or services
2. Ailian does not assume any express or implied liabilities nor guarantee the stability, safety, correctness, and continuation of its services. Members expressly assume all risks and possible damages resulting from using this service.
3. Members' actions of entering item or personal information and uploading images on Ailian's website are purely personal. Ailian is not responsible for the truthfulness or completeness of these contents.
4. Ailian is not liable for any data corrupted, lost, stolen, or tampered by any virus attack or network interruptions caused by government regulation.
5. Ailian is not liable for any conflicts caused by members' fradulent activities such as spreading false or illegal information that affects the rights of others as they are purely personal behaviors.