1.Q. When would the order arrive?
A. Ailain will take pre orders or ship items currently in stock. For stock items, we will ship in 1-2 working days, or 3-14 working days if more items are needed to complete the order. After checkout, members can login to members → Orders → Order List → click on order number to check your order status!

2.Q. Item shipping order ?
A. We ship orders according to the sequence of when we receive the payments or submitted order number instead of when the bid is set. Please bid if you can accept our rules. If an item is discontinued, Ailian will contact you as soon as possible to either change order or cancel the item in question.

3.Q. One NTD starting bid and discounted products?
A. Products with one NTD starting bid will ship with random color, but we will try to ship your preferred color. One NTD starting bid products, gift bags, discounted products do not count towards free shipping or total amount discounts and only limited towards single purchase. We only accept returns if there is major defect, please refer to our return policy. Please do not bid if you are looking for high end products.

4.Q. Why was I told that the purchased items are discontinued after payment transfer?
A. We offer our sincere apology to mommy shoppers as our distributor might notify us about discontinued product unexpectedly. Only submit order if you can accept this situation. If the product is discontinued due to defects, you can exchange color of the same product currently in stock or cancel said product. Our assistant will help you as soon as possible.

5.Q. Is it possible to pick up products purchased online from your shop?
A. We apologize for the inconvenience. We currently do not provide pick up of online purchased products in our branches. You are welcome to visit our branches for confirmation of product quality or sizes

6.Q. My letters/questions have not been answered.
A. Ailian will provide response to your letters in 1~2 working days (not including weekends or holidays). If you did not receive any replies, please check your spam folder or contact our customer service by phone or the internet